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Psychosomatics is one of the specialist disciplines of the future and is a focal point at MediClin. MediClin has ten psychosomatic clinics throughout Germany. Our specialists treat:

  • trauma,
  • chronic pain,
  • anxiety disorders,
  • depression and
  • eating disorders, etc.

We are looking for dedicated medical trainees and would therefore welcome applications for the psychosomatics scholarship.

Your advantages from the psychosomatics scholarship:

  • Financial relief: You can concentrate fully on your studies and the practical year.
  • Further training: Participate in a number of free training programmes offered by the MediClin Academy.
  • Job shadowing: During your semester holidays, you can shadow in one of our psychosomatic clinics and receive free board and lodgings.
  • Employment after your studies: You are guaranteed a position at your chosen MediClin location.
  • Public relations: Entry to and travel allowance for the annual German Psychosomatics Conference.
  • Easier way to a career: If you apply to work in a facility that you already know from your job shadowing, then you will start work in a familiar team and benefit even more from the experience you have already acquired.

Financial conditions:

  • € 250 a month from the 7th to the 10th semester
  • € 500 a month during the practical year. You can also complete your practical year in another clinic.
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