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Target date:31. Januar 2020

Each summer DESY offers undergraduate students in physics or related natural science disciplines the possibility to participate in the research activities of the laboratory. In 2020 the program takes place from July 16 to September 5.

Selected candidates join in the day-to-day work of research groups at the DESY Laboratory in Hamburg or Zeuthen (Berlin) and participate in one of these activities.

While the work in the groups is the main activity, there will also be a series of lectures (given in English) related to the research done at DESY. Visits to the accelerators and experiments are also included in this programme.

If you want to apply please check if you fulfill the conditions.

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TenderDESY - Summer Students - DESY Summer Student Programme 2019
Description: The online application for the 2020 programme will be open during the period 15 Dec 2019 - 31 Jan 2020.
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