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Target date:01. März 2020
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This scheme will finance a number of bursaries to support undergraduates studying psychology or a related discipline in the summer vacation immediately prior to their final year. Members may not apply for the scheme if they currently hold an EPS Small Grant, or if they received a Small Grant in the immediately preceding year. Awards will be made to members of the Society and will provide up to 10 weeks’ support (£200 per week) for their nominated undergraduate. It is intended that the bursaries be targeted at undergraduates who are planning a research career in experimental psychology (as defined by the content of the Society’s journals). The bursary will be administered, and the research project carried out, at the applicant’s institution, although this need not be the institution at which the student is currently registered for a degree. The purpose of these bursaries is to allow the student to learn at first hand about experimental procedures and analyses employed in the host laboratory. Awards will not be granted for work that is a central part of an already-funded project.

The award is for a maximum of £2,000, and any additional expenses must be borne by the host institution. The Society will, on receipt of an invoice at the end of the period of the bursary, reimburse the institution up to the maximum amount detailed in the letter of award.

The EPS can only consider one application per department and it is the responsibility of the department who to put forward for the award. The Head of Department should confirm that the single department nomination carries their support (although it isn’t expected that they make that decision).

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Description: The next application deadline is 1 March 2020
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