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Target date:15. November 2020

Spin Your Thesis! allows students to carry out experiments in hypergravity conditions at ESA's Large Diameter Centrifuge (LDC). Very different from the desktop centrifuges found in ordinary laboratories, the LDC is a world-class instrument. It is eight metres in diameter, and so large that it is housed in its own hall at ESA's technical heart (ESTEC), The Netherlands. It can hold an experiment of up to 80kg in mass and spin so fast that it simulates a pull of gravity up to 20 times larger than that experienced at Earth's surface.

Student teams with ideas for experiments should read more about the programme on the Spin Your Thesis! webpage. There is also information about how to apply. ESA strongly believes in diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace. Student applying to this call should also strive to implement these principles when forming their teams. The proposals shall also clarify how the student teams intend to cope with a possible turn-over, in order to replace team members who might decide to leave the project. Eventually, teams of 4 (or more) university students from ESA member states will be chosen later this year to take part in this unique opportunity.

The students chosen to take part in the SYT! programme have the chance to develop important skills that enhance their academic studies and prepare them for careers in the space industry. These include transferable skills such project management, problem solving, and working in international teams.

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Program descriptionSpin Your Thesis! programme / Education / ESA
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Description: Deadline: November 15, 2020
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