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Volume:AUS$ 1.000,-
Target date:open

Direct international students who wish to experience Australian culture through a Study Abroad program at Macquarie are eligible to apply for the Macquarie University Study Abroad Scholarships - Direct.

This scholarship offers financial assistance to bridge the gap for Study Abroad students applying directly to the program.

Under this scholarship, Macquarie will provide AU$1000 to each successful student as a one-off payment applied towards the student's Study Abroad tuition fee.

The Macquarie University Study Abroad Scholarship - Direct doesn't provide financial support in the form of a living allowance, cost of visa application, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), airfares, accommodation, conferences or other costs associated with study. This scholarship isn't available to students studying at Macquarie City Campus or the Macquarie University International College (MUIC).

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